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The following reviews are real reviews taken from independent review sites that can be found on the world wide web.  


Fix lawn mower on the spot.

None better.  I don't think he charged me enough



My mower wouldn't start. I was using new, premium gas and an additive that was recommended by another repair place,

but the engine just wouldn't go -- and it's a quality mower.

Ken arrived and immediately went to work -- and soon discovered the priming button was cracked.

Ken had the part in his trailer, and managed to fix the mower like new.

Ken arrived when promised and had my mower running in no time.

The fact that he came  to my home versus having to take the mower somewhere

to be told one to two weeks was fantastic. I'm a customer for life.



Ken came out to fix my mower and he is mobile.  

It was something easy but still the process in which he walks you through helps with you tackling your own further maintenance.  

This guy is the go through for getting your mower fixed.

Round Rock


Ken did a great job fixing my lawnmower.

He responded very promptly when  I put in a service request on his website.

 I'm not sure how his prices compare to a non-mobile repair option, but I thought it was very reasonable considering how

convenient it is not to have to take the lawnmower to a shop.

I'll definitely be using Ken for future service.



I highly recommend Ken's Mobile Service.  

I pulled my Toro mower out to mow my lawn for the first time of the season last night

and got one stripe done before it stopped running and wouldn't re-start.

I called Ken this morning and my mower was up and running less than 3hrs later.  

Outstanding service and reasonably priced.



Ken is a good as it gets.

He is friendly, does a terrifc job and is always reasonable with his charges.

It is doubtful you will find a better person to service your mower.

If you read this review and go elsewhere you are making a BIG mistake.

I have used him for a couple of years and I would not consider calling another company to service my riding mower.



Ken was on time, professional, and quite affordable.  good work.



Great! I called and got same day service.

He performed the work after his normal business hours because the previous customer had taken extra time.

Ken had told me he would to the job that day and followed though. 

Ken cleaned the carburetor on our tiller and got it running again.



I ran over tree stump with mower.

Could not transport mower to service center so I needed someone to come by the house.

Sent an email to Ken and received an immediate response.

Ken showed up on time and checked the mower for damage.

Not finding any he serviced the mower and it runs very well now.

Ken was very professional.  Checked mower for damage, changed oil, sharpened blade, and tuned up motor.



I e-mailed for an appointment, and got a fast return e-mail to schedule an appointment.

Since I was going to be at work, I left the mower in the back yard.

Ken came, did the work on site, and left an itemized statement for me. 

Ken did a complete check and tune-up of my mower engine, which wouldn't start, and sharpened the mower blades.



I called them and they were here within two hours.

The repairs were made within an hour and they then left. I am very pleased with the service.

Afterwards, I wanted to charge it on my credit card and he said he would provide an invoice online. This would allow me to pay with PayPal.

I assume he was trusting me to pay within the scheduled time.



My mower, gas trimmer and chainsaw wouldn't start.

Ken showed up right on time and had all of the equipment running within 10 minutes.

He showed me exactly what the issue was and told me what he did to fix it.


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